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Antwerp Brilliant Games

Antwerp Brilliant Games
Antwerp Brilliant Games

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Awareness: your Brand will be seen
Be with us and share our mission: Experience Sports without Boundaries
Gay, Lesbian or whatever: 1000+ participants from over 50 countries
2nd bigger edition
zero bounderies, Antwerp Brilliant Games is the all inclusive event, supported by the city of Antwerp
100,- EUR and you are already a Bronze winner
9 to 5? No way, you can reach us at any time!

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Antwerp Brilliant Games

You too can become a sponsor of the Antwerp Brilliant Games, starting from 100,- EUR

The winners model has 4 formula's, i.e.:

  • Gold Sponsorship
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  • Bronze sponsorship
  • Exclusive T-Shirt Sponsor

Each formula delivers a garanteed return. Your brand will be seen!

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Antwerp Brilliant Games visuals by Geert Renders and Thomas Hauwaert